As Kenya works to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) status, the big question is, do you understand what UHC really means? The journey towards UHC means that all Kenyans will have easy access to health services, that they have access to quality healthcare services and that the healthcare services will be affordable.

The journey towards UHC excites us and is close to our heart because we are passionate about providing quality and compassionate healthcare services. Compassion means that we strive to be affordable and we try our level best to save life with or without finances. When the Bomet County Government asked us to be a partner in the Bomet County Half Marathon, we were excited and pleased to join in this worthy cause.

About 45% of the patients that we serve rely fully on NHIF as their insurance cover of choice and as their sole mode of payment for medical services. The other sad reality about our patients is that we serve a huge bulk of patients who are unable to clear their bills after admission into the various units of the hospital. They are unable to pay because they lack the financial resources and have not yet registered for NHIF covers. The move by the Bomet County government to provide at least 30,000 households with full NHIF covers was welcome because this would empower our patients economically and would alleviate the financial burden of hospital bills for many households.

The county organized for a 21KM race across the lush hills of Bomet and we were delighted to participate in the same. We availed fully kitted ambulances to provide support for the athletes and for road rescue. The hospital also sponsored the staff team to participate in the marathon and we are happy that we had a great time.

In the end, we truly welcome the idea for working towards Universal Health Coverage and we commit to supporting and supplementing the health services provided by the national and county governments.

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