Casualty Accident & Emergency Unit

The Tenwek Hospital Casualty A&E Unit is operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The unit
is manned by a well- trained team of Medical Officers, Clinical Officers and Nurses who are
supported by the Laboratory and Radiology departments.
Operations in the 7- bed unit has been designed in a manner that all patients are triaged on arrival
in order to provide the appropriate medical care. Our team of medics is well trained and is
capable of managing a mix of injuries and illnesses presented by various patients of all age
groups. The team has the right knowledge and skills to assess patients and provide the necessary
life-saving care before admission for specialized care.
We also have 2 well-equipped ambulances which are manned by the casualty team who are fully
trained in Basic Life Support and Basic Trauma Support who ensure that our patients get speedy
yet effective pre-hospital care while on transit.

To book our ambulance, contact the Tenwek Hospital Coverage team on 0727 033 725.