Institutional Research & Ethics Committee

Tenwek Hospital Institutional Research and Ethics Committee (IREC)

The Tenwek Hospital Institutional Research and Ethics Committee was established by the hospital Board and Management to oversee the ethical issues surrounding research. Tenwek Hospital is keen on research and has invested heavily in various research areas including HIV/AIDS research and Esophageal Cancer Research.
IREC serves as an independent and competent body which reviews, evaluates and decides on the scientific and ethical merits of research proposals. It is committed to ensuring and guaranteeing the rights, dignity, safety and protection of actual or potential individuals and communities who participate in research.

IREC’s mandate is to:
  • Review and approve research proposals
  • Provide leadership in research and development.
  • Facilitate sourcing and coordinate approval of research grants/funds
  • Coordinate the dissemination and publicity of research information and findings
  • Continuous training on trends and the evolution of research

At the moment, we are in the process of waiting for accreditation by NACOSTI and shall update you on any new information as we receive the same!

Research Charges

Application Charges – Ksh 1,000