Tenwek Hospital School of Chaplaincy

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Our History

The Tenwek Hospital International School of Chaplaincy was established in 1991 as the L. Nelson Bell Chaplaincy Training School. Dr. Ernie Steury, who was the first doctor to serve at the hospital, realized that the institution needed a full time chaplain to serve alongside the dedicated medical team. However, there was no college or university offering training in chaplaincy and this gave birth to the idea of opening one at Tenwek Hospital. Over 25 years later, the school has trained more than 200 students from various African nations including Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In an effort to match to international standards, the school received accreditation from the Ministry of Education in 2011. The School has completely redesigned and upgraded the curriculum, and is currently pursuing further accreditation for post-graduate diploma courses.


To be a leading chaplaincy training institution producing excellent, qualified, and spiritually-transformed Christian workers, serving Christ in Kenya and beyond.


Providing a spiritually-transforming environment for equipping Christian workers with specialized training and spiritual support to function as chaplains in multi-faith contexts, to open a door for the Gospel ministry of Jesus Christ.


To be an internationally-recognized chaplaincy training institution, preparing disciples to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond church organizations and structures into every area of rapidly-changing societies.

Key Areas of Training and Service

Our curriculum has been meticulously designed to equip chaplains with the knowledge and skill to serve in a variety of settings and opportunities including but not limited to:

  1. Institutions like hospitals, schools, colleges, businesses, government spaces like parliament and county assemblies, community groups and sport organizations.
  2. Military and Public Security like security and defense forces, administrative police, county police and prisons.
  3. Situational Events like community trauma (multi-victim accident, murder, suicide, community clashes), terrorism events (bombings, riots, civil unrest), and natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes).


We therefore offer training in these specialized areas:

Serving in environments of sickness, pain, birth, death – including Hospital and Hospice Chaplaincy.

Providing counseling and spiritual support for military personnel and families.

Providing counseling and spiritual support for police officers, employees and families.

Supporting inmates, officers and their families with counseling and spiritual care in men’s and women’s prisons, borstal institutions (youth offenders), rehabilitation schools and probation departments.

Serving the spiritual needs of students, teachers, administrators, and support staff at all levels of education, from primary school to higher education.

*Our upgraded and specialized curriculum will launch in September 2019. Future program expansion is planned for additional courses in Institutional Chaplaincy, Corporate Chaplaincy, Public Safety Chaplaincy, Disaster Relief Chaplaincy and Sports Chaplaincy.

For more information, kindly write to customer.experience@tenwekhosp.org